Building Character Knowledge for Panin Bank Personal Banker Southeast Sulawesi Area

 on Jumat, 29 April 2016  

Abstrack - This research was conducted by qualitative analysis method using Miles and Huberman method. The problems raised were (1) How the efforts to build character knowledge for Panin Bank Personal Banker (PB) Southeast Sulawesi Area mainly the knowledge on the products to collect the community funding and service; (2) How the character knowledge built for Personal banker (PB) can be a strategic knowledge for Panin Bank Southeast Sulawesi Area. The results were that building the knowledge would not be sufficient without completing by building the strong character for Personal Banker, the character which should be set were excellence, professionalism and ethics which these three character indicators could reflect the knowledge as the behavior in daily works for a Personal Banker. This character Knowledge can be applied in a strategic knowledge consisting of 6 (six) components, namely unique, pragmatic or useful, generating value, difficult to imitate or substitute, dynamic dan based on intense learning process.    <Download Here>

Keyword: Character Knowledge.

Autor      : David C.E. Lisapaly, Alida Palilati, Usman Rianse, Samdin
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