Demographic characteristics and Variety Seeking as Moderation on Relationship between Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Switching Intention (Case Study on Telkomsel subscribers in Makassar)

 on Rabu, 04 Mei 2016  

Abstrack - This study aims to determine the role of demographic characteristics and variety seeking as moderation on the relationship between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and intention to switch. The approach used is the method of survey of 104 customers of Telkomsel in Makassar. The results show that an increase in customer satisfaction directly are not able to lower the  switching intention of the customer, but the customer loyalty mediated hence increase customer satisfaction is able to lower the switching intention. Demographic characteristics   particularly   evident   strengthen   customer   income   effect   of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty and increase impact on the decline in switching intentions. The findings of this study prove that high-income customers more loyal than the low-income customers. (Download Here)

Keywords     : Customer  Satisfaction,  Customer  Loyalty,  Switching  Intention, Variety Seeking, Demographic Characteristics,

Yusuf, Program Doctoral of Management Science Postgraduate, Faculty of Economic and Business, University of Brawijaya, Malang, 2014.
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