Customer-Based Brand Equity : A Literatur Review

 on Selasa, 26 Juli 2016  

Abstrack - Brand equity is a concept born in 1980s. It has aroused intense interest among business strategists from a wide variety of industries as brand equity is closely related with brand loyalty and brand extensions. Besides, successful brands provide competitive advantages that are critical to the success of companies. However, there is no common viewpoint emerged on the content and measurement of brand equity. Brand equity has been examined from financial and customer-based perspectives. This paper will only study the customer-based brand equity which refers to the consumer response to a brand name. The aims of the study are to review the dimensions of customer-based brand equity by drawing together strands from various literature and empirical studies made within the area of customer-based brand equity. A conceptual framework for measuring customerbased brand equity is developed to provide a more integrative conceptualization of brand equity <
Keywords: brand equity, brand awareness, brand associations, brand loyalty, perceived quality

Published : Journal of Arts Science & Commerce ISSN 2229-4686
Author : Chieng Fayrene Y.L.,& Goi Chai Lee
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